Download MP3 music files from different radio stations


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You may have found yourself at some point in the situation of hearing a song you like on the radio but not knowing the name of the song or artist, so you can’t find any information for it or much less get it.

RadioTracker is a complete Windows software that lets you choose from among dozens of radio stations, as well as instantly access all the information on the song you're listening to and then download it directly.

According to its developers, you can download all the music you listen to legally and without any issues. You can even create a list of your favorite songs and the program will automatically look for them on all the radio stations and download them.

It also includes other options such as an integrated player, a CD recorder, and a synchronizer for storage devices and portable players. All this makes RadioTracker an excellent tool for audio compilations.

Some features have been restricted and the number of MP3 downloads is limited.

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